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  1. Under the “Members Area” click on “Files and Documents”
    Under “Download a File” area you will see a Dropbox window with folders and files. Scroll down until you see the Roster Folder. Click that. then the latest file is in there.

    If you are still having problems let me know and i will send you the roster via email.

    Thanks 73!

  2. I am posting this for W3HMS

    I know there was considerable interest in Scott’s Black Widow 3 band vertical antenna by WA3WSJ at the June meeting demo by Scott which I missed. The original article can be Googled using this title.

    A current crappie pole source was an unknown at that point so I Googled quite a bit and found it at They also had what appeared to be a decent holder whereas Scott had had to repurpose his support from another item.

    Scott said “ I posted the original article and a picture of my “simplified version”of the feedpoint coil on the SMRA Yahoogroups site at Files, Technical
    Presentations 2014.” Scott then added:

    Here is a parts list for the simplified version:
    6” PVC plumbing sink extension
    Teflon-coated #22 wire
    Panel-mount BNC connector (1)
    Alligator clips (3)
    Epoxy (PC-7)
    Electrical tape
    Plasti-dip spray (clear)
    Fishing lure snap-swivel (1)

    Scott continued “ The basic differences between Ed’s original design and my simplified
    version are that I use alligator clips to attach the ground wires by
    clipping them to the flange of the BNC connector, and I use an
    alligator clip on the end of the radiator wire and connect it to one
    of three tap points on the coil windings by clipping it on, instead of
    using those automotive plugs that Ed originally specified. I used
    computer ribbon cable for the radials, and use two alligator clips,
    with three radials on each one. I glued the BNC to the pipe using
    epoxy and find that it is sturdy enough that way, nothing more is
    needed. See the photograph.”

    I , W3HMS, showed the pole at the Tuesday SMRA meeting and received the steel support on Wed. I tested the pole and support in the backyard on Wednesday and they fit together quite well. I am now getting the good Teflon wire and then will make the coils.

    The Amazon info is:

    South Bend 20 ft extendo pole ….$14.99

    Instant Yard Ground pole Holder 7.5 mm steel rod….. etc,etc….….$6.97

    Shipping and taxes are a few $$$ more.

    I hope to show my version of this antenna capable of working on 40 through 10 meters at the 9 August breakfast and QRP outing.

    73, John W3HMS, 18 Jul 14