Free Technician Class

York County is offering a Technician License Class.   This class will start Tuesday September 15 and will run through the second week of December.   They usually have 2 classes per week, except for the first week of the month.   The classes are held in the evening at York County OEM, at 120 Davies Dr, York, PA.   This is an excellent class with a lot of detail.    I’ve heard some students taking this class can even pass the General License test.

To register,  contact Nate Kirschman, WN3I, email him at WN3I  at

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APRS Digi Site Visit – July 27

Gary WA3CPO and Scott N3SW went up to the Lamb’s Gap site to work on the APRS digipeater system that is now located there. Scott got some configuration information from the current Terminal Node Controller in preparation for replacing it with a newer TNC. When the new TNC is configured we will go back up the mountain to swap it out. Come out to our next SMRA meeting for updates on this project. Look for the photos in this gallery: APRS Digi at Lamb’s Gap

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Curse of Dark Hollow

This Sunday, July 18, SMRA will once again be providing radio communication for the Curse of Dark Hollow bike race in Michaux State Forest. Here is some information you may find helpful:

  • We generally use the 145.43 repeater out of Mount Holly Springs, but this may change depending on conditions and other technical factors. Here is some additional information about the frequencies we may use (Thanks to W0BR):

Main:  145.43, -600kHz offset, 67.0 Hz tone  – Mount Holly Springs repeater

Secondary:   146.46, +1MHz offset, 67.0 Hz tone – Three Square Hollow repeater

Simplex:   146.58, no offset, no tone

Simplex (UHF):   446.00 no offset, no tone

If you are unable to come out to work the race, you can still listen in to see how it’s done. Bike races are a great way to learn how to do emergency communications (EMCOMM).

  • We will be meeting for breakfast at the Cracker Barrel off Exit 47, I-81 in Carlisle between 6:00 and 6:30 a.m. I will have paper copies of the roster available.
  • I need to emphasize this point: We are only there to provide communications support. We are not to direct traffic; bring water; or do anything other than communicate necessary information. Basically, what you do is to inform the net control station (NCS) if a rider needs assistance, either due to an injury or a mechanical breakdown. NCS then informs the race organizers that assistance is needed, and where. The race organizers have volunteers at each checkpoint who actually provide the water and other services. If you are asked to do anything that doesn’t involve a radio, let NCS know.
  • In addition to your radio equipment, make sure you bring water, food, snacks, and something to do.
  • If you have any questions, e-mail or
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2015 Field Day Logo Red Design 1

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In spite of the weather we will still having our SMRA Field Day. The forecast calls for rain, heavy at times, (with an eastern wind 10 to 15 Mph) which is not in the best interest of our electronics, so we will be using the trailer. Space will be limited and we will do our best to accommodate all our stations and goals.

We will begin at 9:30 AM Saturday with set-up. VE Testing at noon and the contest officially begins at 2 PM.

Bring your enthusiasm, interest and rain gear!

Stay tuned to this web site for updates; or call N3TWT at 145.430 MHz for talk in or questions beginning Saturday 9:30 AM.

Our address is

Emergency Services Training Academy

180 Army Heritage Drive,  Carlisle PA, 17013

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ARRL FIELD DAY 2015 – South Mountain Radio Amateurs

South Mountain Radio Amateurs Field Day

“Ever been Curious about Ham Radio?”

Beginning 8 AM Saturday the 27th through Sunday 2 PM at the

Emergency Services Training Academy

180 Army Heritage Drive Carlisle, 17013

also we will be monitoring 145.43 repeater for a talk in

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The 145.430 repeater is back on line!

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145.430 repeater is down – please use our 146.460 repeater

The 145.430 repeater is down.  We tried to access it via our phone line – got a busy signal.  Cumberland County comm says their systems at the site are working.

 Sounds like a trip to the mountain is needed.

In the mean time please use our 146.460 repeater.

146.460 – Plus offset (1 Mhz), tone 67.0Hz

Located at on Blue Mountain at Three Square Hollow in PA.

  • Toboyne Township, Perry County
  • 40.221409, -77.532336
  • Backup to Cumberland County emergency communications with direct link to Cumberland County Office of Emergency Preparedness
  • Programming instructions
  • EchoLink node: N3TWT-R 743026
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The SMRA Adventure day Wrap-up

Well Gang,
The first SMRA Adventure day was fun! Scott, N3SW and I started our hike to the Flat Rock Overlook at08:00 Saturday morning. The weather was partly sunny with some humidity and a temperature of about 75 degrees. We were concerned that it was going to be a bit buggy but that never manifested itself.
The hike to Flat Rock is very steep with several long climbs. There are places that are so steep that you have to really watch your footing. The distance to the top is only 2.2 miles but it is very slow going. It took us just a bit more then an hour.
Once at the top, Scott used his Elecraft KX-1 QRP rig and made three contacts on 20 Meter CW using a telescopic whip antenna and a counterpoise. I set up my Yaesu FT-817 and Laptop computer in preparation for the SSTV and digital transmissions that we were going to make.
AT 9:00 AM, right on schedule, we started making contacts on the 145.43 repeater. Then for the next hour we made contacts on 2 meter simplex, 70 cm simplex, and successfully made our SSTV and digital transmissions.We had folks receive both of these.
Scott moved off the overlook proper and set up his Black Widow vertical in the forest about 25 yards away. There he made 2 additional CW contacts on 40 meters.
Since this overlook is very popular with hikers, we didn’t stay long. We had several hikers who were very interested in what we were doing and had an enjoyable chat with them. At about 1 PM, we broke down our equipment and hiked back down to our cars. I hope that everyone had as much fun as we did. Our contact log is attached to this message. I will have certificates ready at the next meeting.

Dick, WA3USG & Scott, N3SW

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Bike Races

SMRA provides communication at various points around the course – mainly for safety concerns, but also for reporting rider progress, need for supplies, etc.

Here are some benefits to helping out at a bike races

  • Learn to use radios in the field and sometimes in areas that is almost impossible to use radio.
  • Practice mobile operating.
  • Learning how to work together with others who have the same interests.
  • We help people who are injured.
  • We provide a feeling of safety for the riders. (Riders always tell me thank for your time to help keep them safe)
  • Entered for a chance to win a prize at the end of the year from the club for helping out
  • Gratitude we get from the riders and race officials. (I constantly get thanked by Riders and officials for helping to keep them safe)
  • Each bike race donates money to the club. This helps keep our monthly membership fees so low among other things!

Here is a tentative schedule of the races SMRA will be supporting:

2015 Events / Bike races

Date/Time Event
9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Bike Race South Penn Enduro Riders September 13th 2015
Michaux State Forest, Gardners PA
9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Bike Race Terror of Teaberry September 27th 2015

I urge all of you to clear your calendars and participate in as many as you can.
Besides providing a necessary safety service to the bike races, our participation also serves as:

  • Excellent training exercises for emergencies in the field, using portable, battery-powered equipment.
  • A chance to spend the day in beautiful Michaux Forest. There will be plenty of time for bird watching.
  • a day of fun
  • The way we fund SMRA activities and keep our dues low.

What do you need?

Here is a list of recommended items:

  • 2m mobile rig (15 watt min), rooftop antenna (don’t have your own – we might be able to arrange a loaner)
  • Note paper
  • Pens/pencils
  • Watch/clock
  • Coat and hat per season
  • Snacks and beverages (WATER! LOTS OF WATER!)
  • Callsign badge or hat
  • Folding chair
  • Handi-wipes
  • GPS receiver



  • Reading material
  • Cell Phone
  • Compass
  • Camera and spare battery/film/memory
  • Kleenex/toilet paper/paper towels
  • HT to monitor optional simplex channel
  • Bug spray per season
  • Clipboard
  • Garbage bag



  • 2m vertical beam, mast, coax, tripod/support


To sign up for the events on the website.

  1. Go here for the list of races
  2. click on the race you would like to sign up for
  3. Scroll down and pick the number of people for which part of the race you can help out with
  4. Scroll down to the bottom and click the “CLICK HERE to send your booking” button.
  5. If you are not logged into the website please do so before sending your booking. That will prevent the need to fill out all the information fields.


If you need help logging in to the website you can watch the tutorial vides we made here



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