Because of HACC campus closure due to this weekend’s weather, we have postponed the hamfest until Jan 31.  Please see attached flyer for details.  Hope to see you then.
Hamfest Committee Chairman


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January Club Meeting


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fyi, no streaming tonight. I ran out time and was unable to have everything ready. We will try next month!

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Common CW abbreviations

This web page has a nice list of the most common CW abbreviations and
prosigns. We went over most of these during last night’s Morse Code
training net:

-Scott N3SW-

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Breakfast Report

GM All……in spite of 10 F temp……..BRRRRRRR this AM…. but inspite of the cold we had 14 stout hearts at bkfst.

I took no written muster report but did see K3SWZ, KB3APA, KB3VAX, KC3ZLH, N3ACP, KC3CDL, W0BR, John Melville who will test 20 Jan, WA3USG, W3SMF,KC3APE, N3SW, KB3VID, and me W3HMS. Whom did I miss??

We had interesting comments on the promised Show and Tell on Anderson Power Poles. I showed a new West Mountain Radio 4008 8 jack DC distribution box…for price, etc. just so Google. N3ACP and me each showed our heavy crimpers and _____?? showed one of smaller size from China and less expensive.

W0BR gave the Project 20 BNC jacks……thanks Bob!!! The projected benefitted from a fine discussion with xtal xpert K3SWZ, BR, SW and me on crystal mounting, soldering, and switching.

We realize that with larger groups it is hard to hear all the proceedings. Don asked the ladies this AM about moving the chairs and other than yes was heard, HI!! I will talk with the manager about how they help other groups with this issue. There might be a better way…but may not.

Meeting is 20 Jan….see you there…..73, John, W3HMS

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Monthly Breakfast Gathering



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Stealth Gutter Antenna for Ham Radio or Short Wave

Have you ever considered using your aluminum gutter or down spout as an antenna?  Here are two interesting articles that just might tweak your interest.

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Morse Code Net, Tuesday evenings 8pm

icon talk is cheapSouth Mountain Radio Amateurs are pleased to announce our Morse Code Net, held Tuesday evenings at 8 PM.  Its purpose is to teach “real world Morse Code communication,” by one of SMRA’s best, N3SW – Scott Walker.

This is not a sit and copy format, but is designed to teach communication skills using current CW language, abbreviations, short cuts and pro-signs.

If you have ever wanted to learn Morse code, (or want to increase your speed and proficiency); or have always had an interest but need the motivation; this may be your opportunity.

Out of town or don’t live within the repeater footprint? Why not check in via Echo-Link using you smart phone or tablet app. We can be accessed at N3TWT-R, node 743026.  Sure beats watching TV!

Location frequency;  145.430 – Minus offset (600 kHz), 67 hz tone

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X-ray Event exceeded X1

Now you can panic!!!!
Space Weather Message Code: SUMX01
Serial Number: 106
Issue Time: 2014 Oct 24 2236 UTC

SUMMARY: X-ray Event exceeded X1
Begin Time: 2014 Oct 24 2107 UTC
Maximum Time: 2014 Oct 24 2141 UTC
End Time: 2014 Oct 24 2213 UTC
X-ray Class: X3.1
Optical Class: 3b
Location: S12W22
NOAA Scale: R3 - Strong

NOAA Space Weather Scale descriptions can be found at
NOAA Space Weather Scales

Potential Impacts: Area of impact consists of large portions of the sunlit side of Earth, strongest at the sub-solar point.
Radio - Wide area blackout of HF (high frequency) radio communication for about an hour.
NOAA Space Weather Scales

NOAA / Space Weather Prediction Center   NOAA Space Weather Scales
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