So, What is SMRA?


South Mountain Radio Amateurs (SMRA) is a non-profit group of amateur radio operators dedicated to promoting amateur radio through education and assistance.  SMRA has provided community service and emergency communications throughout Cumberland County and the surrounding area in central Pennsylvania since 1976. 

SMRA supports numerous organizations in south-central Pennsylvania,  including the Cumberland County Department of Public Safety, Cumberland County Chapter of the American Red Cross, Cumberland County Search and Rescue Team, Carlisle Regional Medical Center, Three Mile Island – wherever radio emergency communication services are requested. 

SMRA is a group of local amateur radio operators (hams) who promote operational and technical skills through electronic building projects, theory education, mentoring programs, CW (Morse code competency) and FCC amateur radio licensing.  As an amateur radio club, SMRA uses both formal and informal meetings to advance local interest. Finally, SMRA promotes “The Amateur’s Code” as a goal of conduct for many amateur radio operators both on and off the air.

 SMRA Mission Statement

  • To be a resource for advancing operational and technical skills, competency, and amateur radio licensing
  • To mentor new members and enhance fellowship among radio amateurs
  • To provide amateur radio communications resources and emergency communication services for the community
  • To honor The Amateur’s Code


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About K3ZR

I became a novice in 1967 as WN9IHI, transmitting CW at a blistering speed of 5 WPM; however with no local club or Elmer for motivation, my interest in radio soon waned and my license expired. After rearing four incredible children and having several career changes I settled down in Carlisle, PA with the wife of my youth, and amongst other things re-pursued ham radio. I passed the General exam in 2010 and became KB3VAX then K3VAX finally K3ZR and eventually, got my Extra ticket. Praise God! I am sure glad that is over. Currently I am the past president of South Mountain Radio Amateurs, ( and their CVE administering examinations for W5YI. SMRA is a dynamic and growing club with over 100 members, many who participate in the monthly meetings, nets and activities. Ham radio is just plain fun, interesting and an excellent way to spend quality time with good people. The diverse interests and skills of most Hams in this group are remarkable. What an enjoyable way to spend an evening when it is just you, your radio and the ionosphere! Life, sure is good, I am blessed.