SMRA Repeater information

Here is a link that allows you to check the terrain between two points –
Here are the coordinates of our three repeater sites:
  • Mt Holly Springs   145.43:  40.077940, -77.223794
  • Three Square Hollow  146.46:  40.221411, -77.532345
  • Lambs Gap   443.30:  40.305550, -77.007076
The 443.300 repeater is currently off the air. The repeater is located at a county facility on Lamb’s Gap – several years ago the antenna tower was snapped in half by a wind burst.  They determined the lower half was still safe to use.  Just last summer, we had new antennas / feedlines installed.  A couple of weeks ago, we checked the repeater and found it had no output.  Given the age of the repeater (70’s vintage), we decided to upgrade to a Motorola MSF-5000.   We expect to have it back on the air late spring.