SMRA Breakfast Report for 14 Feb 15

Hi Guys and Gals…..we had 12 stations today that encompassed the following hams: KB3VID, WA3USG, W0BR, KC3EFN, KC3CAS, KC3CEK, W3SMF, KC3APE, KC3DXL, N3ACP, KC3CDL, and me W3HMS.

We measured several dummy loads brought by K3SWZ all of which showed fine SWR curves indicating a good load for a transmitter.

We will measure the rubber duck of KC3EFN with and without radials before/after the 17 Feb regular SMRA meeting.

KC3CAS and I continued the measurement of Matt’s fine new 2 m. J pole at my QTH and it now functions under SWR 1.6 from 144-148 MHz.

I have two J poles in my van that I can loan for abt 2 months, if that will help you, so pls see me at the Tues meeting.

Pls calendar 14 March for the next breakfast.

For Brandon…come try out rigs!!

For Ed…tnx tip on Romance, AR station with big signal….romance is not dead, HI!!

73, John, W3HMS, 14 Feb 15