Before keying up, be sure to read our acceptable use policy! If you need help programming your rig for the 1,000 kHz split on the Three Square Hollow repeater, we have programming instructions.

Our callsign is N3TWT and we have the following repeaters:

145.430 – Minus offset (600 kHz), 67 hz tone

Located high atop the South Mountain in Mount Holly Springs, PA. Our biggest footprint–from Harrisburg to York to Chambersburg.

  • Dickinson Township, Cumberland County
  • 40-04-40.3 N, 077-13-24.9 W
  • EchoLink node:  N3TWT-R 743026


443.300 – Plus offset (5 MHz), tone 67.0Hz

     Has been repaired


Located on Blue Mountain at Lamb’s Gap near Enola, PA.

  • Enola, Cumberland County; note coverage area
  • 4433 repeater coverage

146.460 – Plus offset (1 Mhz), tone 67.0Hz

Located on Blue Mountain at Three Square Hollow in PA.

  • Toboyne Township, Perry County
  • 40.221409, -77.532336
  • Backup to Cumberland County emergency communications with direct link to Cumberland County Office of Emergency Preparedness
  • Programming instructions
  • EchoLink node: N3TWT-L 783492

In the event of repeater failure during an exercise or emergency, the SMRA asks that everyone use the following frequencies, in this order:

  • 146.460 FM repeater, plus 1,000 kHz offset, 67.0 Hz tone
  • 145.430 FM repeater, minus 600 kHz offset, 67.0 Hz tone
  • 146.460 FM simplex (depending on your transceiver, you may be able to just turn off duplex on the memory channel programmed for this repeater)
  • 144.160 USB (meet dx stations beyond FM range here and coordinate a SSB frequency to use)

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