The Pennsylvania Amateur Radio Conference (PARC)

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Date(s) - 10/04/2014
12:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Whispering Pines


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John Jaminet, W3HMS
3 June 2014

The Pennsylvania Amateur Radio Conference (PARC)
Registration is now available. This site will accept your sign-up and payment by PayPal or credit card. It will issue you a ticket to present at the door.

*************Mark your calendars now for Oct 4 2014*********

Glenn, K3SWZ, has announced he will be here and will check QSL cards for ARRL DXCC, VUCC, WAS, and WAC, plus CQ-WAZ.

FYI…there is a classic car show at the east side of Carlisle on 1-5 October so if you need lodging we suggest you arrange it now. We will have alternate arrival suggestions on the N3TWT Web site in due course.

The essence of the original announcement is as below now with presenters added.

The South Mountain Radio Amateurs (SMRA) of the Carlisle, PA area are pleased to announce a conference devoted to inspiring new technologies in our beloved hobby. This will be held at the Whispering Pines, a special events lodge, north of Carlisle, PA from 1200-1600 on Saturday 4 Oct 2014. Whispering Pines is situated in a delightful country setting with parking for more than 300 cars. Directions are on their Web site googled with “Whispering Pines”.

We have been able to schedule speakers who are outstanding in their specialty. They speak at the level achieved by the annual conferences such as Microwave Update, Southern VHF Society, Central States VHF Society, Northeast Weak Signal Society and others throughout the US.

Attendance at these events often consumes more time from work and money than desired. Our intent is to make carpooling and low-costs in a single- day event the hallmark of the conference. Thus, the fee is $19.00 (collected at the door) with complementary soft drinks, and cookies available throughout the event. We do, however, recommend eating outside of event hours, HI!! There are many restaurants in Carlisle but none near Whispering Pines. In keeping with the event level, business – casual dress is highly recommended.

Agenda includes:

  • Building High Quality VHF and UHF Antennas… yourself! by Ray Golley, N3RG
  • Live demonstration of the latest HF Flex Radio software defined (SDR) transceiver, by Phil Theis, K3TUF.
  • Working the World on the low power HF WSJT-X data mode by Richard Goodman, WA3USG
  • A photo visit to an outstanding HF, VHF, UHF, microwave, contest station, by Herb Crumlich, WA2FGK
  • Automating Your HF/VHF Station logging and control of radios, by Paul Sokoloff, WA3GFZ

Target Audience:
Whether your interests are HF, VHF, microwave , 2 M FM, other, or all the above, this is an opportunity to expand your knowledge of what is possible today and what may be doable for you even sooner than YOU may imagine. Don’t miss the opportunity to attend a top flight conference focused on great presentations with ease of attendance. Seating will be limited, so sign up at your earliest possibility. For lodging, please google on Carlisle, PA lodging noting that the well-known motels are situated along I-81. We intend to have Power point copies of each presentation on a Web site after the conference with details being announced at the conference. Please bring your own paper/pens/other for note taking.

All recipients:
Please pass this EMAIL to as many clubs and individuals as you can so as to “get the word out far and wide”!! Please also keep a record of who received it so you can send out the anticipated follow-on EMAILs. If you desire, please copy


For program/technical questions not addressed above, please contact John Jaminet, W3HMS, at EMAIL: w3hms

For logistics questions, please contact Don Evans, KB3VAX, at EMAIL:


Whispering Pines Website


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