ARRL Field Day 2014

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Date(s) - 06/29/2014 - 06/30/2014
All Day

Carlisle Fire Training Center


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Is Field Day a contest, an emergency preparedness exercise, a public relations demonstration, a great event for clubs, or just a fun way to get on the air? Field Day is ALL these things! Hams set up away from commercial power and normal installations for 24 hours in June.” –

This is an annual event that many members look forward to work together, show off our rigs and knowledge, and reach out to the public. It is a great time for licensed HAM radio operators to work on equipment and bands that they normally do not have access

Field Day Rules (ARRL)

I encourage everyone to read the complete set of rules for Field Day.

I would like to emphasize a few points:

Rule 6.1 ” A person may not contact for QSO credit any station from which they also participate.”

Even if you are participating, feel free to contact our FD stations from home or mobile. We will scrub the log as to not violate the rules.

If you are not participating at the Field Day, we especially want you to make contact.

Exchange – each contact consist of an exchange of information about each station. The format is number of transmitters, class and section.

Number of transmitters – we will be operating “two” – which for our group entitles us to two HF stations and one VHF station.

If you are operating from home or mobile – you will have one transmitter.

A – portable – club or group with three or more
B – portable – one or two person operation
C – Mobile
D – Home – commercial power
E – Home – emergency power
F – EOC operation

Section – ARRL designation for your location – in most cases the state, For us – Eastern Pennsylvania (EPA) We, like NY, NJ, MA, FL, TX, WA and CA, have multiple sections within the state.

You should become familiar with the abbreviations: Make sure to record Los Angeles as “LAX” – not “LA” (Louisiana) and San Diego as “SDG” – not “SD” (So. Dakota)

Our Field Day operation will give out the exchange of “2F EPA.”

If you operate from home, you will be “1D EPA” – mobile will be “1C EPA”

Have fun!

Bob W0BR



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