Bike Race prizes Gold, Silver, and Bronze

At SMRA’s Septembers general meeting, a drawing was held for members who provided radio communication support at the last three bike races of the year;

·      Michaux Dual Sport

·      South Penn Enduro Riders

·      Terror of Teaberry

Throughout the summer SMRA provided communication at designated locations along the routes and courses of seven different races.   All of these events, located in the heart of the Michaux State forest are in secluded areas not usually covered by cell phones.   This gives the members of SMRA the opportunity to set up radio posts which provide valuable real time updates for the race organizers.

When asked why they would give up a Sunday to spend in the woods, one amateur said, “he participated out of love for ham radio and because it enabled him to do things with radios and antennas for example where cell phones don’t work” Another said, “We do this so we can de-bug our equipment and gain proficiency in the hobby.“

Cash prizes of $50, $40, and $30 were donated by John Jaminet W3HMS, Thanks John!

Below are pictures of President Don Evans KB3VAX handing out the awards to;

·      Ralph Barnie N1XGH, first place,

·      Ed Crossley W3SMF, second place

·      Jack Himes KA3GLQ, third place

Ralph Barnie N1XGH, first place

Ralph Barnie N1XGH, first place

Ed Crossley W3SMF, second place

Ed Crossley W3SMF, second place

Jack Himes KA3GLQ, third place

Jack Himes KA3GLQ, third place

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I became a novice in 1967 as WN9IHI, transmitting CW at a blistering speed of 5 WPM; however with no local club or Elmer for motivation, my interest in radio soon waned and my license expired. After rearing four incredible children and having several career changes I settled down in Carlisle, PA with the wife of my youth, and amongst other things re-pursued ham radio. I passed the General exam in 2010 and became KB3VAX then K3VAX finally K3ZR and eventually, got my Extra ticket. Praise God! I am sure glad that is over. Currently I am the past president of South Mountain Radio Amateurs, ( and their CVE administering examinations for W5YI. SMRA is a dynamic and growing club with over 100 members, many who participate in the monthly meetings, nets and activities. Ham radio is just plain fun, interesting and an excellent way to spend quality time with good people. The diverse interests and skills of most Hams in this group are remarkable. What an enjoyable way to spend an evening when it is just you, your radio and the ionosphere! Life, sure is good, I am blessed.