The mission of the SMRA Auxiliary Communications Service (ACS) is to maintain a corps of trained, credentialed, and disciplined Amateur Radio Operators who are ready, able, and willing to serve their community as Emergency Communications Technicians.

In addition to the communication skills possessed by all Amateur Radio Operators, members of the Auxiliary Communications Service have completed FEMA training in the National Incident Management System and the Incident Command System.

The purpose of ACS is to provide communication support to the government during periods of local, regional or national emergencies. ACS personnel is amateurs only in the respect that they may not receive compensation for their contributions. They are, however, professionals in their ability to provide many diverse forms of electronic communications such as voice, digital (Packet, CW, RTTY, radio fax, etc.) and ATV (amateur television) under less than ideal conditions.

ACS is composed of FCC licensed amateur radio operators, GMRS, LMR and users of other licensed radio services who have volunteered their capabilities and equipment for use in Cumberland County and/or Perry County.

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As a volunteer organization entrusted to serve Cumberland /Perry Counties during emergencies. ACS is working with professionals, who expect professionalism in return.  Recognize that amateur radio operators are individuals, but those who make a personal commitment to serve Commonwealth and community are part of a team which has been formed for the purpose of executing the Counties’ Emergency Plans